Time for one final lesson, how to say goodbye.

For 6 years it was our pleasure to teach and to learn, to meet and to introduce, to explore and to share the remarkable talents and vibrant places hiding in plain sight across Chicago.

Over those 6 years, a dedicated core of volunteers worked behind the scenes months in advance to make Learnapalooza happen and ensure it was a wonderful event for attendees, hosts and teachers.

But now it is time for us to say goodbye. Careers, families, and life in general have kept progressing over those years.

Before we go, we wanted to say thank you.
Thank you to the teachers for sharing your passion: be it dance, Excel, worms, hula hoops, Photoshop, or bees.
Thank you to the hosts for opening your doors each year to us.
Thank you to the attendees for sharing your curiosity and your valuable, limited Chicago summer days.
Thank you to the volunteers for sharing your time, your skills, your creativity and your passion.
Thank you.

Creating Learnapalooza has been a remarkable experience, and I think our team learned more than anyone. We learned how warm and welcoming the small business owners of Chicago are. We learned the way people’s faces light up when you ask “if you had an hour and an audience, what would you teach?” We learned how much work goes on behind the scenes for every Chicago summer festival out there and we will never take that for granted. We learned how many people out there are ready to roll up their sleeves to create fun for others. We learned how many people out there share our love of learning something new alongside their neighbors and yet-to-be-met friends.

We would love to hear your favorite moments and memories if you wanted to share on our Facebook page.

It has been a joy sharing this adventure with you.

Stay curious,

Maggie Schutz
Zach Schneider
Brian Bullington

P.S. “But I want to keep learning!” We hope you will keep exploring. We recommend Meetup.com, The Chicago Cultural Center, NextDoor, Summer Dance, TimeOut’s List of activities and Dabble just for a start.