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Have fun. Learn something.

It is simple. We love curiosity, meeting new people, and exploring the city. Learnapalooza is all of those things wrapped up in one festival during Chicagoans favorite time of year – summer.

We host three day-long festivals in three neighborhoods: Wicker Park on 6/28, Lakeview on 7/19, and Logan Square on 8/16.  You can teach something you are passionate about, or learn something new. The neighborhood is our host, so local business, organizations, nonprofits, and theaters offer their space for the day. The entire thing is free, and planned by volunteers.

Get Involved




Logan Square

Beauty and Brawn

3501 W Fullerton Ave

AnySquared Projects


2328 North Milwaukee Ave

I Am Logan Square


2644 N Milwaukee Ave

Logan Theatre


2646 N Milwaukee Ave

City Lit Books


2523 N Kedzie Blvd

Multilingual Connections

2518 W Armitage Ave

2518 W Armitage Ave

Logan Square Library


3030 W Fullerton Ave


Learnapalooza hosts its workshops in community centers, local businesses, churches, nonprofits, theaters, and parks districts. These venues have generously volunteered their space and time for the festival. Please tell our hosts that you appreciate their participation.



Learnapalooza FAQ
  • Q. How much do classes cost?

    All classes are 100% free and open to the public thanks to our sponsors.

  • Q. Are classes family friendly?

    Most of the classes are aimed at grown-ups, but many families attend Learnapalooza classes together. Classes with specific age restrictions or those geared specifically toward children are noted. We leave it up to the families to decide those classes that their children are likely to enjoy. Please note: children must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.

  • Q. Who are the teachers? Are they certified? Am I going to get a diploma?

    The teachers are all community members who are volunteering for the day. Some teachers are employees at the host venue. Some teachers are professionals. Many teachers are simply average (well, we think they are extraordinary) neighbors who wanted to share a skill or passion with you. Hey, you could be the next teacher! We cannot offer certificates or diplomas for our classes. Remember, we are all here to have fun, learn something, and share something.

  • Q. Cool shirt. Where do I get one?

    This year festival t-shirts are available to the public for a $20 donation. You can reserve your t-shirt when you sign up for your class, and your shirt will be waiting for you at the festival.

  • Q. How can I help?

    First of all you should attend, spread the word and have a great time. But if you want to get more involved there are lots of ways to help this year and in future years. You can teach, volunteer, take pictures, apply to our board or our junior board, donate money so we can keep running the event, lend us a projector or a few yoga mats, joining our planning committee, etc. Contact info@learnpaloozachi.com for more info.

  • Q. Are my donations tax deductible?

    Learnapalooza is still in the process of getting its 501c3 recognition, so gifts are not yet tax deductible.

  • Q. What if I signed up for a class and now I can’t go?

    We're sorry to miss you! Email us at info@learnapaloozachi.com. This frees up class spots so that others can enjoy the class. Also, please double check that you are not signed up for classes that meet at the same time.

  • Q. Something weird is going on/ I’m having trouble/ Ahhhhh!

    Send an email to info@learnpaloozachi.com with the subject line RSVP Question. I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible.

  • Q. The class I wanted is full.

    Teachers and venues put limits on class to make the class as enjoyable (and non-fire-hazardy) as possible. There are almost always a few walk-up spots the day of as people oversleep, cancel, etc. We can’t guarantee anything, but with so many classes happening, we are confident you’ll be able to find something interesting.


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